Have you heard the buzz about black fiber optic cables and wondered exactly what everyone is referring to? Because it can be difficult and expensive to lay underground fiber optic networks, cable companies often lay in additional capacity for future use. Thus fiber optics that are not being used are, by definition, dark. Get it? When data is passing through the fiber optic light travels with it. When no data is being moved, there is no light, hence the term “dark fiber optic”.

So what are the benefits of using dark fiber optic networks, and how can they benefit your company?

When Data Moves At Light Speed

Traditional fiber optics can transfer 15.5 terabits just about instantly. However, some dark fiber optics can perform at even higher rates. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) has been a catalyst in developing the dark fiber network.

DWDM is the process of sending multiple bundles of data across the same optical fiber at the same time. Dark fiber can also be used to create a private network that is separate from the main network. There are some clear advantages to this option for any business.

The Birth of the Dark Fiber Network

In the early days of optical fiber networking, many businesses decided that more was better. They had far more fiber optic cable installed then they needed to offset the cost of adding fiber optics down the road when demand for their business grew.

Thanks to some leaps and bounds in how data is packed, many of these networks were never used at their full capacity. Dark fiber optics were born to take advantage of the unused capacity.

How Does This Help You?

Here is what the buzz is all about, the benefits that dark fiber optic networks bring to businesses like yours. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Client controlled network
  • Higher capacity
  • Improved performance
  • Higher security
  • Lower costs

You can control your network without worrying about the main fiber optic network. This can be a huge boost to your organization and how you move data around.

Faster Than Ever

The sheer speed of data connectivity and capacity on the dark fiber networks is tremendous. Data is transferred instantaneously and the amount that can be transmitted at one time is astounding.

It Delivers a Higher Level of Security

At a time when data security is of paramount importance, dark fiber networks deliver the improved security that is necessary. Dark fiber optic delivers a more secure environment than traditional fiber optic networks.

This can be the perfect solution for your business. Learn more about the benefits of dark fiber optics and how it can meet your needs.

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