Satellite Services (VSAT)

Our satellite internet and connectivity access network offers a wide coverage through the satellites we work with, directly through our own platform or through roaming agreements with third parties.

Our satellite communication services allow bi-directional remote access to rural sites through connections with high availability and minimal latency. We can endure critical services with low latency and traffic requirements (remote, telemetry, remote control, etc.) as well as services with high bandwidth or Internet access.

We have four satellite HUB’s (ViaSat and Hughes) located in Panama and Spain; and more than 3,700 satellite remotes in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Middle/near West (under roaming agreements).

Satellite Internet - Ufinet VSAT

Among the main values we provide in VSAT services is the customization of the solution, specially tailored for our client’s needs: optimization, design, configuration and prioritization according to services and applications based on the use of protocols for data traffic, voice and video services. UFINET has four HUB Satellites (ViaSat and Hughes) located in Panama and Spain; and more than 3,700 remote satellites in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.


  • Satellites systems we operate: Hispasat, Satmex, Eutelsat, AsiaSat. INSAT and ChinaSat

  • Own Hughes and Viasat platforms

  • Ku and KA frequencies (available only in Europe)

  • Scalable system that allows expansion or reduction in the number of terminals in service

  • Highly effective platforms in the use of Satellite Terminal bandwidth, available with interfaces Terminals 10/100Base T


  • High coverage with our connected satellites, which allows an excellent option of connectivity in places with difficult accessibility or for quick deployment

  • High service availability

  • Hubs connected to our network by redundant routes, allowing the possibility of establishing point to point connections with one single leap (hybrid solutions: satellite + capacity)

Fiber optic telecommunications services wholesale operator

Fiber optic data connectivity


High bandwidth connectivity in fiber optic for fast and secure circuits

Fiber optic dark fiber

Dark Fiber

Wide network of more than 58.200km of fiber optic cable deployed in America and Europe


Internet connectivity to the world through the main international ISP’s, Tier 1 category

Internet satellite services


Wide coverage across the satellites which we operate, as an alternate option to optical fiber


Presence in neutral locations and data centers, such as NAP of the Americas in Miami, One Wilshire Coresite in Los Angeles, NYC1-60 Hudson in New York, Telehouse North in London and Equinix FR5 in Frankfurt

Fiber optic remote hands

Additional Services

Among other services, we provide remote equipment access (remote hands) and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment)

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