Fiber optical communications have brought about a lot of improvements to the telecommunication industry. Because of how reliable and fast they are, fiber options are fast becoming the predominant choice for Ethernet backbone infrastructure. According to, the fastest speed ever recorded on one fiber line is 43 Tbps terabits per second. This shows why fiber optic cabling is the future. Here are other reasons why fiber optic cabling is taking over.

Better Reliability

One of the most significant advantages of fiber optic cabling is that it’s immune to temperature changes. This means that internet connections will not be affected by severe weather and moisture. On the other hand, all of these can affect the connectivity of copper cables. Another good thing about fiber is that it doesn’t carry an electric current. Therefore, there will be no electromagnetic interference and no data transmission interruption. A lot of futuristic applications require internet connections that are reliable. For instance: autonomous vehicles. Any interruptions to the internet connection when using such technologies can have catastrophic consequences.

Increased Flexibility

Because of media convertors, it’s quite easy to incorporate fiber into existing networks and tower network services. These converters make it possible to extend Unshielded-Twisted-Pair Ethernet connections over fiber optic cabling. You will also find modular patch panel solutions that fuse equipment with 100/120 GB speeds that can meet the needs of future applications. The panels that come with these solutions work with different types of cassettes to accommodate different types of fiber patch cables.

Fiber is Super Secure

Businesses are increasingly becoming dependent on the internet. This creates the need for highly secure connections and tower network services since a lot of sensitive data is either being stored or transmitted over internet connections. What makes fiber-optic cable perfect for the future is that it doesn’t emit signals. This makes data interception incredibly difficult. The signal that passes through the fiber cable is contained inside the fiber strands. Anyone who wants to gain access has to cut into it, and this will take the network down, and security teams will become aware that something is happening.

Fiber optic cable is perfect for the future. Apart from being reliable and highly secure, there is no electricity involved in transferring data. This makes it safe to handle. Get in touch with us if you need help with tower network services.

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