Respect for the law, human rights and ethical values Ufinet

Ufinet undertakes to comply with all laws and internal regulations applicable to its activity, with full respect for human rights and public freedoms. Besides, Ufinet endorses and applies to its values, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, rejects child labor, slavery and any form of exploitation.

Respect for people

Ufinet Ufinet seeks to promote a work environment that facilitates the professional and human development of its employees. Any manifestation of harassment or conduct that may create an intimidating or offensive environment will be rejected.

Professional development and equal opportunities

In Ufinet, it is a basic principle of action to provide the same opportunities in work access and professional promotion, ensuring the absence of discrimination based on age, race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, nationality, social origin or disability.

Cooperation, dedication and non-competition

Ufinet fosters an environment of cooperation and teamwork for a better use of all capacities and resources.

Occupational health and safety

Ufinet promotes the adoption of occupational health and safety policies and adopts the preventive measures established in the applicable legislation in force of each country.

Use and protection of assets

Ufinet places at the disposal of its employees all the resources they require to perform their professional activity, and it undertakes to facilitate the means for protecting and safeguarding employees.

Corruption and bribery

Ufinet has an Anti-Corruption policy that defines the principles to be followed in order to take measures, control, prevent and minimize the risks associated with bribery and corruption.

Irregular payments, prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorist activities

Ufinet establishes policies to prevent and avoid, in the course of its operations, irregular payments or money laundering that may arise from illicit or criminal activities.

Image and corporate reputation

Ufinet considers that one of the basic elements that contribute to its good corporate image and reputation is the establishment of relations of responsible citizenry in the communities where it conducts its business activities.

Loyalty to the company and conflicts of interest

Ufinet considers that relationship with its employees must be based on loyalty arising from common interests and rejects situations where personal interest come into collision with those of the company.

Customer relations

Ufinet leads the commitment to quality, providing the resources necessary to achieve excellence and establishing appropriate measures to ensure that the quality policy is practiced by all subjects of the code in accordance with these principles

Relations with collaborating companies and suppliers

Ufinet considers its suppliers and collaborator companies to be essential to achieving its growth and service quality improvement objectives, and it seeking to establish relationships with them that are based on trust and mutual benefit.

Respect for the Environment

Preservation and respect for the environment and sustainability are one of the basic principles of action of Ufinet, which is manifested in compliance with the best environmental practices in all its activities.

Financial resourcesmanagement

The Ufinet Management is responsible for managing the financial resources. In addition, audits are carried out to ensure compliance with all accounting standards and taxation.


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