We are now your Telecommunications Submarine Partner for Latin America – UFINET Acquires 100% of share capital of RSL Telecom.



International Private Links Submarine Capacity – We have become a submarine telecommunications operator with extensive experience in the sector. Over time we have earned our customers’ trust over time. Our reputation sums up customized solutions, at the right time and with highly qualified professionals on the market.



RSL Telecom (Panama), S.A. was founded in 2001 by a group of private investors to acquire capacity in the MAYA-1 Submarine Cable System, thus becoming a regional telecommunications service provider to serve the Central American, Panama and Colombia markets. Now, RSL has become UFINET. We have a total of 160Gbps, which represents approximately 15% of the active capacity of the Submarine Cable MAYA-1.



Wireless Ethernet And IP Global Capacity

Provided services:

Fiber Optic Ethernet and IP Global Capacity

  • Connectivity service with IP access (Wholesale Carrier)
  • Ethernet LAN / PHY Technology
  • 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps access ports
  • Point-to-Point Links via Fiber Optic, with automatic protection
  • Complete redundancy, guaranteed by the infrastructure of a las mile local provider (in Costa Rica, our main las mile fiber optic provider is UFINET – ufinet.com)
  • Bandwidths offered from 100Mbps and up to 10Gbps / Full Lambda
  • Bandwidths guaranteed in mode 1-1
  • QoS delivered is the same as the one provided by UFINET (ufinet.com)

Options offered:

  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Links
  • Point-to-Multipoint or Point-to-Point
  • WiMax Technology or Radio/Microwave frequencies
  • Offered Bandwidths:

– 256Kbps                                  – 4Mbps
– 512Kbps                                  – 10Mbps (Microwaves)
– 1Mbps                                   – 20Mbps (Microwaves)
– 2Mbps                                   – 100Mbps (Microwaves)

  • Complete redundancy, guaranteed by the infrastructure of a las mile local provider (our main las mile wireless provider is IBW Communications)
  • CPE authenticated through redundant AAA
  • Segmented circuit information through IP rerouting and VLAN
  • Encrypted radio transmission in 128 Bit AES format
  • QoS delivered is the same as the one provided by IBW Communications

Private International Links (Submarine Capacity)

Service Model:

UFINET is a member of the Maya Submarine Cable Consortium, best known as MAYA-1. As an active partner, we have significant involvement on the capacity provided through it. This allows us to provide connectivity services to all Maya-1 ports of connection: USA, Mexico, Honduras, Caiman Islands, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.

  • International Private Line (IPL)
    • SDH and LAN / PHY Technology through submarine fiber optic
    • SDH links capacities and interfaces offered:
      • STM-1 = 155Mbps
      • STM-4 = 622Mbps
      • STM-16 = 2500Mbps
      • 10 GBPs LAMBDA
    • Full point to point dedicated links
  • Complete redundancy, guaranteed by the infrastructure of a las mile local provider
  • Capacity transportation carried out by Level 1 and Level 2 services
  • QoS established, delivered and administered through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with 99.95% availability.
  • Access and Interconnection Agreement held with Costa Rica’s telecommunication incumbent Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE). This agreement regulates and allows the access and interconnection of capacities that come from the Submarine Cable MAYA-1 to Puerto Limón, Costa Rica.


MAYA-1 is a Submarine Cable System providing service from Hollywood, Florida on the southern tip of the United States to Tolu, Colombia on the northern tip of South America.

Utilizing Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) and Direct Wave Access (DWA) with Erbium-Doped-Fiber-Amplifier (EDFA) technology, MAYA-1 has a system capacity of 82.5 Gbps SDH and 840 Gbps DWA. It is a collapsed ring system with semi-passive branching units and has a total length of 4400 km.

In May 2017, the Upgrade # 5 of the MAYA-1 Sub-Rail Cable System was completed. Because of this expansion and its new design -which replaced 40GB per 100GB cards- MAYA-1 now offers a capacity up to 1960GB (<2TB). Consequently, Upgrade # 5 allowed the system to increase its total maximum capacity by 128%.

OUR MISSION Establish ourselves as the leading Submarine Cable Wholesale Carrier, providing Central America and Colombia with international connectivity services.

OUR VISION To become the main strategic partner of our clients, offering telecommunications customized solutions with the highest performance, quality and safety indexes for its end users.

Agility | Security |  Speed | Momentum | Imagination | Responsibility

Who has been behind the success of UFINET’s  Submarine Cable Business?

Jaime Goldenberg, has over 28 years of experience in IT and Telecom markets with successful and proven track in Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Operations Management positions. Mr. Goldenberg is co-founder RSL TELECOM, a private investment group established in 2001 as an international carrier in Maya-1 Cable System.

Today, this company has a total ownership 160Gbps as a result of multiple acquisitions in the submarine cable.

Mr. Goldenberg currently serves as Operations Manager of UFINET’s submarine cable business unit, is the representative of MAYA-1 Consortium, and acts as Chairman of MAYA-1 Upgrade Sub-Commitee #5 and 6, as well as Chairman of MAYA-1 Finance and Administration Sub-Committee.

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