Commitment, experience, quality and innovation

Broad range of comprehensive and customized telecommunication solutions offered, with the best quality and warranty.

Commitment, experience, quality and innovation

We are a neutral wholesale operator in the telecommunications market. We provide data connectivity to our clients through fiber optic with extensive network coverage in major cities in 20 countries. More than 66,850km of optical fiber deployed and over 20 years of experience is what makes us one of the favorites in Spain and Latin America.

UFINET mission statement

Mission Statement

Provide connectivity through fiber optic in the most flexible and agile way, always committed to our clients

UFINET vision statement

Vision Statement

To be the neutral telecommunications operator worldwide reference

Our Values



We adapt our services to our client’s needs



Our response times are amazingly prompt


Our passion for quality excels in each service we provide


The commitment we have towards our clients goes beyond their expectations


We reach our clients’ needs as far as their imagination can go


To be near our clients is one of our highest priorities

Our milestones



Our Strengths

What makes UFINET so unique?

One Stop Shop

We provide our customers with all connectivity services according to their requirements, in a single fiber optic network.

Metropolitan Coverage

We have extensive capillarity in major cities in the countries where we operate. We have over 43,300 on-net buildings, more than 125,000 near-net buildings and more than 3,000 towns and cities connected. All of these are connected with optical fiber end-to-end, allowing us to offer our customers a unique and competitive advantage.

On-net buildings

Near-net buildings

Towns and cities connected

Great support and high level services

We provide bilingual customer support (Engish and Spanish) from our Network Operations Center (NOC) operating 24×7. We fulfill the most demanding SLA’s of the market.

What makes us so unique?

We are your true business partner. We provide connectivity services through fiber optic under three pillars  that differentiate us in the wholesale telecommunications market.


We will never compete with our clients for the final user.


We provide quality guarantee, with incredible coverage throughout our own fiber optic network and state-of-the-art equipment.


Customer orientation

We adapt to our clients’ needs, both in the technical and commercial scope, with high flexibility and agility.

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