UFINET, a telecommunications neutral fiber optic operator that provides data connectivity, capacity and Internet via fiber optical cable in 17 Latin American countries, offers the Government of Panama a series of technological tools, in order to support the proper functioning of the connectivity of the country during the COVID-19 world crisis.

Among these actions is the increase in bandwidth in access points of the National Internet Network (RNI), which need additional bandwidth in which UFINET offers the service directly to the Government or capacity links through other operators, currently around 500 services.

Likewise, UFINET offers an increase in bandwidth in educational centers and rural health care centers with fiber optic facilities, should they be required for virtual consultations. There are currently 600 links available.

Among other actions, the increase in bandwidth or the installation of new facilities in the regional or provincial headquarters of the Social Security Fund (CSS), Ministry of Health (MINSA) and institutions involved with the management of this emergency that have fiber optics. If additional connectivity is required in temporary Medical Care sites (such as tents) or places of other nature related to the current emergency, the implementation of fiber optics or satellite connection is contemplated, as well as the increase of the Internet in any venue that has a significant increase in these needs.

Currently UFINET maintains directly or indirectly more than 2,500 government links, among these, 750 points in state educational centers; 800 points in the National Internet Network (RNI), a project coordinated by the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG); 100 entities connected among them, the MINSA, the National Police, the National Border Service (SENAFRONT), among others.

UFINET also has 300 points in projects with the Transit and Land Transportation Authority (ATTT), specifically at traffic lights, crossings and traffic cameras in Panama City; 100 points in the Colón Safe City Project and 100 points in the Municipality of Panama, corresponding to video surveillance cameras; as well as 600 satellite points with different government entities.

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