Ufinet recognized as one of the “Most Admired Companies in 2019”.

UFINET: Committed to Quality and Innovation in Telecommunications

From the emergence of smoke signals and drums to the inception of electrical telecommunications systems, from the birth of the telephone to the emergence of the Internet, the telecommunications industry has evolved and grown massively throughout its long history. Today, this sector continues its rapid transformation phase with the onset of new technologies. However, with various innovations and disruptive developments from various telecom solution providers, the industry has become a giant and is set to do so in the future as well.

A major player behind this market expansion has been UFINET, which has more than two decades of experience in being a neutral wholesale operator in the telecommunications industry. This has established the company as a favorite in the Latin American region and beyond!

A brief review

Born in 1998, UFINET began as the telecommunications department of a Spanish multinational company called Unión Fenosa, from which the company’s name originated. In 2000, UFINET began its period of expansion in Latin America, amalgamating with the electricity distribution companies that were acquired at that time by Unión Fenosa. Today, UFINET is one of the largest fiber optic operators in Latin America, with more than 50,000 kilometers of fiber distributed in 17 countries and more than 21 years of experience.

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The journey towards achieving a vision

From 2000 to 2014, UFINET ‘s strategy was to grow and consolidate Central America and Colombia as a key development region. However, the company has shifted its focus over the past three years to the promotion and development of the South American region as well. Its objective is to turn the territory into an integral growth lever due to the growing demand for broadband capacity.

Apart from this, UFINET has also carried out several inorganic operations to increase its global presence, combined with several greenfield projects, which have resulted in the opening of new UFINET operations in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.

The company’s expansion and growth is currently focused on Latin America as a whole, with rapid growth in fiber optic deployment and presence among the three Neutral Points of Presence (POP’s) in the United States: NAP of the Americas in Miami, Florida, One Wilshire in Los Angeles and 60th Hudson in New York.

The company has been working hard to achieve the common goal of being the neutral telecommunications infrastructure operator of reference worldwide, especially in the last three years. UFINET has increased its internationalization through additional acquisitions and organic growth with a significant global investment in fiber optics that has surpassed the $200 million mark.

Keys to success

UFINET is a carrier-neutral carrier, i.e. it does not compete with its partners for the end customer. It provides several keys that have paved their way to success:

  • Incredible agile service delivery: provides connectivity in a couple of weeks.
  • Value-based competence: builds and nurtures long-term relationships with its partners, creates packages and works hand in hand with them.
  • Excellent after-sales service: it has a real-time monitoring system, 24x7x365, with access through a username and password. Direct contact is available with your Key Account Manager, ensuring that all communication channels are ready if an urgent problem arises.

Focus on quality: Let your partners know that all your services are certified (i.e. MEF CE 2.0) and are of the highest quality.

Open communication:

  • Events: active participation in all major capacity events in the regions where it operates (locally and globally).
  • Close relationship: UFINET builds relationships based on trust. The company has a section on its website with its key team leaders, which lets visitors know who they will be working with from the start.
  • Direct contact: the contact form is available in several places on the website, allowing the visitor to easily communicate with the company. The team makes a point to respond within 24 hours.
  • Customer feedback: UFINET conducts annual surveys to ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of its customers.

Willing to go the extra mile

Customers prefer UFINET because the company is willing to go the extra mile. “We are very aware that they need us to be the best we can be and beyond, and that includes a series of responsibilities that we fulfill, no matter what,” mentions Iñigo García del Cerro Prieto, CEO of the company. Its services include the following: capacity, dark fiber, IP transit (Internet), satellite (VSAT), colocation (data center), towers, CPE, remote hands and other additional services.

With its impeccable team of experienced professionals and a resolute dedication to quality, UFINET strives to help its clients achieve business success. Their hard work and success has helped the company achieve and be recognized for several awards. In 2017 and 2018, the organization was awarded by the MEF Awards as the best operator in the CALA region. Recently, UFINET was awarded by the Global Carrier Community Awards as the Latam Regional Operator of the Year 2018, it was also awarded by Frost & Sullivan Awards as the Latin American Fiber Optic Wholesale Network Services Company of 2018, CV Magazine recognized Ufinet for Corporate Excellence: Best Multinational Telecommunications Company of the Year, 2018 and Carrier Community Global Awards also awarded it as the Best Operator “connecting the unconnectable”, 2019.

Continuing on the road to success

Speaking about their future prospects, Iñigo García del Cerro exclaims: “For Ufinet, our focus for the next 1 to 3 years is to continue the path of success we have embarked on with a global and massive presence throughout Latin America, becoming the benchmark as a global Infrastructure Operator “.

The company’s ambition is to continue to increase the supply of telecommunications services for data and Internet transport, and to create neutral environments that facilitate healthy competition among operators, resulting in better and more affordable services for the general population.

UFINET has been growing rapidly over the years with its operations and offices in 5 countries in the last 3 years, namely Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Chile. The company expects to build on this consistency of growth and further expand its local and global presence in the near future.

Quote:“Our objective is to become the benchmark as a global infrastructure operator“.

Ufinet Management: Iñigo García del Cerro, CEO.

Web site: https://ufinet.com

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