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Secure Gateway

It is a comprehensive solution designed to provide a robust and adaptive defensive barrier for connectivity providers. SG acts as a trusted guardian, offering proactive protection against emerging cyber threats. From early intrusion detection to effective security policy management, our SG provides peace of mind by safeguarding the integrity of your network. By choosing UFINET as your strategic security partner, you will benefit from an advanced defense that evolves with threats, allowing you to focus on delivering quality connectivity without compromising the security of your infrastructure.


Mitigation of malicious traffic generated by the end customer
Detection and mitigation against access to fake sites
Detection and mitigation against access to pages containing malware
White labeling towards blocking pages to be customized by the ISP
Automation in the cleaning of public IP
Dashboard and report on the traffic that is trying to be generated on the network.


Solution designed to safeguard the integrity of your operations as a connectivity provider. Our advanced technology detects and mitigates DDoS attacks, ensuring that your network remains available and operational even in the most critical moments. By choosing UFINET’s Anti-DDoS product, you not only protect your infrastructure, but also strengthen your customers’ confidence by guaranteeing uninterrupted and secure service. Trust UFINET to meet your digital security challenges, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional quality service to your users.

Features and Benefits

It performs an exhaustive analysis, processing all attacks against clients and debugging all anomalous traffic, allowing clients to browse safely.
This product can prevent the total paralysis of the services offered by our client to the end customer. It is offered in three types of depth depending on the attention required by the attack and contracted by the client.

UFINET Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT)

It is a solution designed to optimize IP address allocation and utilization. Our advanced technology enables our customers to effectively manage the growing demand for IP addresses, improving network scalability and efficiency. With UFINET’s CGNAT you can offer seamless Internet services, ensuring an optimal experience for your users. Rely on our expertise and innovative technology to address the challenges of IP address scarcity, allowing you to expand and continuously improve your services in a sustainable way.

Features and Coverage

Facilitates monitoring of possible fraud or misuse of the service
Generates centralized control of the use of the ISP's own resources.
Monitoring and Control of port usage and navigation of ISP users.
Scalability and increased network performance without disrupting ISP traffic
Prevent the loss of ISP data records, evidencing data usage in real time.
Offers flexibility and time for the ISP to prepare to implement IPv6 addressing


Our satellite services enable bi-directional communications from remote sites to central sites through highly available links with minimal latency. We can support from critical services with low traffic and latency requirements (Telecontrol, Telemetry, Remote Control, etc.) to high bandwidth services or Internet access.


Satellite data and Internet connection systems with which UFINET operates

Hughes proprietary platform
Ku Band working frequencies
Scalable system that allows the number of terminals in service to be increased or decreased.
Highly efficient platforms for satellite bandwidth usage
Terminals with 10/100Base T and serial interfaces available


Wide coverage and connectivity
through the satellites with which we operate, being an excellent option for connection in remote and difficult to access locations or temporary solutions (quick deployment).
High service availability
Connection of satellite hubs to UFINET fiber optic network
by redundant paths, giving the possibility of establishing point-to-point links with a single hop (hybrid solutions: satellite + fiber optic).


It is a service that allows to implement in an agile and secure way direct, flexible, fast and stable connections between the main Cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Oracle, SAP, IBM, among others, to our clients’ infrastructure.


Lowest latency in the market
direct point-to-point connections with low latencies
Direct and private connection to local networks
end-to-end private connection with high transport and data security
Increased reliability and speed
with the best connection speeds to the CSPs
Different band widths
up to 100 Gbps
Private, secure, Multi-Cloud connections
The services implemented in the Cloud are part of the private network, so your data will be secure end-to-end under direct connections.


Cloud Access
From anywhere under fast implementation
Direct access to data centers
+350 Public clouds
Improved connection speed
With workloads to your public Cloud
Scalability and Flexibility
In connections to the public Clouds according to demand and business resources.
Prevents data loss with connections
Direct, flexible and secure access to Public Clouds

Remote hands

As a complement to the services it provides, it offers specialized personnel to provide on-site support for the installation or maintenance of any equipment housed at the end customer’s facilities. Through our technical support group, a team of professionals will attend to the basic and specific needs of your requirements, always guaranteeing maximum stability, performance, availability and security.


Restarting equipment
Module insertion and removal
USB mount for software installation or upgrade
Connecting or disconnecting patch cords
Provide remote access to the equipment
Change of parts or equipment
Template implementation to teams
Equipment or parts inventory management
Bilingual staff
Service levels according to needs


Continuous Availability
Time and Resource Savings
Cost Reduction
Greater Flexibility

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