UFINET presents a wide variety of solutions that solve, in an agile and professional way, Towering and Interconnected Power Distribution needs through its FO network. It provides its customers with quick and easy-to-implement telecommunications solutions as a result of various agreements they have for the immediate use of urban spaces and electrical infrastructure.

A solution for every need

UFINET has developed more than 1000 special solutions for urban areas with difficult access to install a vertical infrastructure (such as poles or towers of great heights and proportions), focused for the operator to continue its deployments in such areas, giving great capacity to the network without affecting the urban environment.

UFINET has more than 10 years of experience in this field, achieving important alliances with electric companies, urban furniture companies, and a great knowledge of municipal procedures and formalities that allow the management to be fast and efficient.

We give you solutions for interior coverings.

UFINET has developed solutions that will allow you to complement your external coverage services and give them continuity indoors through DAS (Distributed Antenna System) solutions, in different configurations of passive, active or combined equipment.

Mobile Infrastructure Solutions

Soluciones en Infraestructura Eléctrica Existente

Soluciones en Mobiliario Urbano

Small Cells en Postes de Baja Altura

Soluciones Mimetizadas

Features and Benefits

Solutions on existing infrastructures
which reduce time to market and the need for additional administrative procedures.
Low impact and low visual pollution
Possibility of providing solutions in urban furniture
(lighting, bus stops, billboards, etc.).
Availability of Small Cells installation on low poles connected through UFINET's meshed network.
Availability of custom installed mimetized solutions

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