Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber

UFINET has one of the most extensive fiber optic networks in Latin America, connecting the most important cities in the countries where it operates. Its network has over 120,000+ km of F.O. and connects 1000+ nodes, 76,000+ on-net buildings, 100,000+ near-net buildings, 5,800+ on-net towers, 1,000+ leased towers/posts, 2,200+ connected cities and towns.

UFINET customers benefit from being able to use only the dark F.O. wires they need, whether for short-, medium- or long-distance requests. In this way they avoid dealing with the innumerable administrations that hold the rights of way and delegate the management of their external plant to expert hands, being able to focus on providing the higher value-added services that differentiate them in the market.

Characteristics and Coverage:

UFINET cables are mostly installed over power lines.
which adds an additional level of reliability against vandalism and other events.
Mostly, ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supported) cables are used, which comply with the following standards
Use of rodent-proof wires and pest/vandal deterrent devices
Cables with special "anti-tracking" sheath for installation near high voltages
G652.D F.O. cables in 100% of the backbone network
Hermetically sealed and secured junction boxes (IP68)
Measurement and connectivity protocols that meet or exceed ITU-T L.12
Strict regulation for compliance with live line work requirements in accordance with international and local legislation in each country.


Reduced time to market for end customers by using an existing network.
Wide capillarity in the main cities
UFINET has 26+ years of experience
In preventive and corrective maintenance of fiber optic networks in diverse environments, climates and orographies.
Use of state-of-the-art installation and maintenance techniques
Economy of scale that allows the transfer of knowledge between countries.
24/7 personalized attention
From network control centers (NOCs)

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