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+120,000 kms of fiber optics in 17 countries

Our Network

+120,000 kms of fiber optics in 17 countries

We have a network of more than 120,000 km of optical fiber to provide backbone and access network services, backhaul and local loop, and national and international network links. We provide our customers with end-to-end data connectivity in an agile and secure manner, proactively managed 24×7.


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Who we serve

Bridging the digital divide in Latin America

Our expansion and diversification of new technologies, services and market niches drive us to reach every corner of Latin America in a sustainable manner. We provide local operators with the tools and support they need, while connecting the region with global Carriers/Latin America, OTT-Hyperscalers, ISPs and other providers, serving as a bridge to unite local, regional and global communities.

Our Services

We are your connection to Latin America

Wholesale telecommunications services operator


We provide quality assurance, with great fiber optic coverage and bandwidth through our own deployed network and state-of-the-art equipment.

Customer focused

We adapt to the technical and commercial needs of our customers. The most important thing for us is the closeness with our customers, making sure we know what their requirements are and we adapt creatively to provide the best solution.

Our Recognitions

Our Certifications

MEF CE 3.0 Certification

UFINET is a MEF Carrier Ethernet 3.0 (CE3.0) operator certified for E-LINE services,
E-LAN, E-Tree and E-ACCESS, allowing us to offer our customers global fiber optic connectivity coverage with complete interconnection, management and performance.

Certificado MEF
Certificado MEF
Certificado MEF

Learn more about our MEF certifications

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