Telecommunications Advances in Latin America

When it comes to Internet services and connectivity, the world requires something that remains robust and reliable, as well as completely revolutionizing the speed and efficiency at which information is sent and received. However, it can be difficult to implement widespread changes and upgrades to a system that has otherwise been working well for the masses.

While a wired Internet connection may be passable for some homes and businesses, a fiber-optic network is superior in terms of speed, connectivity and overall data capacity. For example, 3,000,000 full-duplex voice calls or up to 90,000 television channels can be supported by a single optical fiber, making fiber optic services a strong candidate for telecommunications companies. These single-mode fibers, which make up the majority of fibers used for longer communication links (anything over 1,000 meters or 3,300 feet) are what help these networks extend their reach.

At the moment, Latin America is one of the rising stars in fiber-optic network Internet services. UFINET, a wholesale fiber optic operator, has its cabling installed in a network that spans more than 55,000 kilometers, including centers in major cities. As of 2017, Mexico had a higher percentage of the country using a fiber optic network than America.

In line with its growing popularity among Internet and telecommunications service providers, major Latin American cities have been receiving offers and signing contracts from groups wishing to network and expand their reach through meetings and events. Capacity LATAM 2019 took place in São Paulo, Brazil, March 11-13, making it the largest gathering of telecommunications companies working in wholesale. It consisted of hundreds of senior executives and companies from various countries as they worked to establish themselves as the leading contenders in Internet services in Latin America.

Another highly anticipated event in the world of telecommunications and Internet services is the annual LATAM 2019 GCCM event, organized by the global telecommunications club known as Carrier Community, which will also be held in São Paulo at the Hilton Hotel. LATAM 2019 GCCM, the fifth annual event of its kind will be held August 20-21, generating new networking opportunities and other business activities from various service providers and telecommunications companies.

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