How to know when it’s time to upgrade your commercial fiber network services

Many people are familiar with the term “fiber optics,” but not many know what it is or how it works. Fiber optic cables transmit a signal through a strand of hair-thin plastic or glass filament using light to carry data. The principles behind fiber optics have existed since 1965. Today, high-speed Internet connections are based on these same principles.

Fiber optic technology and networks have advanced rapidly in recent years and most companies now rely on this technology. As a business owner, you may be wondering when to upgrade your commercial fiber network services. Here are some tips on when to do so.

1. Your organization needs more bandwidth than it currently has

Organizations that rely heavily on the Internet often require more bandwidth than they currently have access to. An increase in available bandwidth can lead to improved productivity and greater connectivity among employees. If you are experiencing simple but frequent Internet outages, it may be time to upgrade your network.

2. You are planning to grow your business

If you plan to expand your business or acquire new customers, it may be time for an upgrade. Expanding your network can help you adapt to all new users. Remember, you can avoid downtime and outages by upgrading before your network becomes overloaded.

3. You have problems with latency and processing speed.

If you are surfing the web and find that it takes a long time to load each page, this may be because your commercial fiber network is not currently up to the task. Latency issues are also likely to arise if you notice frequent slow responses when using data-intensive applications. If any of these things happen, it’s probably time to get better fiber network services.

4. You have recently purchased or are planning to purchase new HW or SW.

If you purchase new equipment or software packages for your company, such as a new server or cloud service, it may be time to upgrade. An outdated network may not be able to handle the growing demands of new equipment or cloud services.

5. You are experiencing service delays

If your company experiences frequent delays when trying to access cloud storage or email servers, this could be a sign that your network is in need of an upgrade. Remember, these types of interruptions can easily frustrate employees and customers, leading to a loss of both productivity and revenue.

Modern fiber network services for high-speed Internet access

The fiber optic cable manufacturing sector has expanded by 11.8% over the previous five years. The growing need for broadband access in the Americas and the increasing availability of large amounts of data have been some of the main factors influencing this growth. Today, fiber optic networks are the main option for providing high-speed Internet access. But as enterprises continue to rely on these technologies to process large amounts of data, they must upgrade their commercial fiber network services to avoid outages and delays.

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