Benefits of direct cloud connectivity in an enterprise cloud strategy

As more and more parts of the world become connected, reliance on the cloud is also becoming more common. If you don’t have a robust network to back you up, direct cloud connectivity can help your business succeed with its superior data connectivity and capacity.

What is direct cloud connectivity?

Direct cloud connectivity refers to the ways in which your Internet connection interacts with the cloud storage. Allows you to access different types of storage clouds (public, private and hybrid) over a dedicated, non-public Internet network. This provides a reliable and secure way to access the necessary data without having to run on a public network.

What are the benefits of direct cloud connectivity?

1. Safety

The first benefit often mentioned is the security of the connection. You can continue to use your private network while still accessing the data needed for virtually any task, which means that the risk of losing data due to carelessness or an attack is much lower. This type of connection allows for easy workflow by providing a convenient means of accessing data while protecting your data from criminal activity.


Using a standard Internet connection for cloud access is not always the preferred option. Direct cloud connectivity means you will be subject to fewer outages, delays and other frustrations. This type of reliability allows for a smoother workflow and more consistent output.

3. Speed

Direct cloud connectivity provides truly high speeds, allowing you to access the data you need much faster than other options. This also allows you and your team to do things much more effectively across the board.

Businesses and enterprises thrive on security, reliability and speed. For example, 5G speeds are projected to be 13 times higher than the average mobile connection by 2023. With our dependence on technology growing and more of the world going online, investing in the future of your business now is a great short and long term move.

Direct cloud connectivity gives your organization a secure, reliable and fast connection to the cloud storage data you need, all from the comfort of your private Internet connection. This allows you and everyone on your team to have a smoother, more effective workflow that gets things done efficiently across the board. This type of environment often means more consistent work, which will help your business grow.

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