Fiber optic services can make a big difference to your business

fiber optic wholesale provider

Choosing to connect with a wholesale fiber optic (FO) operator can change the way you do business. The capacity of a fiber optic network is enormous. It can enable companies to conduct business anywhere in the world without inconvenience. The right fiber optic wholesale carrier can help you not only stay connected, but also help you transfer data and have the communication tools you need for your business.

The future is now and it is the ideal time for your company to harness the power of the fiber optic network throughout Latin America. Imagine not having to worry about interruptions, data transfer delays, dropped calls or waiting times. A fiber optic network can make it all possible.

How fast is fast?

Delivering the high-quality services your customers want and need starts with a wholesale fiber optic operator. Internet over fiber optics is ultimately faster than traditional transmission over a copper wire connection. Speeds can reach up to 100 GPBS.

Fiber optics has the power to transmit more than 300,000 voice calls simultaneously and transfer more than 90,000 television stations. It can transport huge amounts of data instantaneously. The speed at which this FO network moves is tremendous. Fiber capacity is such that an entire region can use a few fiber optic cables and still have spare capacity space.

No more delays

In the case of copper, the further away the receiver is from the switch providing the Internet service, the slower the service will be. With fiber optic cable, no matter how far away the user is from the switch, there are no delays, slow service or other problems associated with copper cable Internet service.

A wholesale fiber optic operator can provide access to the fiber optic cable that keeps businesses connected throughout Latin America and enjoy high-speed communications, data transfers and reliable Internet service.

The wave of the future

Copper wiring had its moment and time to prove its worth. Now is the time to switch to a more reliable network that offers the speed of light support. All of Latin America has access to fiber optic cable with the trusted wholesale operator.

It’s time for you to consider leaving the frustration of incomplete Internet cabling behind and take a step into what the future has to offer with fiber optic networks. Learn more today about how fiber optic cable can transform your business.


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