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ip transit services

Light is known to move extremely fast, at 186,000 miles per second. However, fiber optic connections are not restricted by speed limits like those found in technologies that include DSL and coaxial cable. Are you ready to unleash the true potential of your business? Telecom integrators need IP transit services from a Tier 1 Internet network provider that offers support over a robust fiber-optic network. Connectivity is provided in the form of Internet services that keep you connected to your customers around the world. How do you know if you have contracted the best services that offer the scalability, performance and reliability your telecom business demands? You can tell if IP transit services cover the following key imperative points, which can help you make informed decisions.

Networks must be as strong as a backbone

Ideally, a fiber optic network should be used with an international fiber optic network. This allows for guaranteed connectivity through a robust Internet backbone with access, local loop and backhaul networks, as well as international and national connections. There are many services offered by fiber optic operators that use and know that IP is greatly strengthened with connectivity in the U.S. at the NAP of the Americas in Miami, at NYC1-60 Hudson in New York and at One Wilshire in Los Angeles.

Every telecommunications business needs secure connectivity solutions that are protected and monitored 24/7 and are also highly flexible. Staying interconnected through high-performance IP transit services with adequate fiber capacity is the key to progress. These services will enable your company to access the Internet in a way that ensures that your customers always have access to your services and applications.

Connection speed really matters

Telecommunications depends on unwavering connection speeds. Another key point to consider when choosing an operator is its connections to local ISP nodes and the Tier 1 status of the most important international ISPs. These ISP nodes must be located locally and strategically in different cities to ensure quality of service. This is why it is of great importance to choose IP transit services with options such as fully guaranteed bandwidth.

High level services and excellent support

This point is really key and vital, and deserves a lot of attention when it comes to making sure that your telecommunications company has the right IP transit services. Having customer support available at all times is essential. Find out if your current provider offers bilingual customer service (Spanish and English) as well as 24/7 Network Operations Centers (NOCs). It is also essential that your needs are met with one of the most demanding SLAs in the market as well.

Boost your telecommunications business with the best IP transit solutions

A Tier 1 provider will ensure that your data is accessible using the lowest possible latency at all times. Reliable support and solid offerings that are able to grow with your business make a great investment in the future of your business. Take advantage of IP transit services that draw on a wide range of consulting, hosting and networking expertise.

There are a few other things to consider before choosing an IP transit provider. Full integration with your existing fiber optic network is paramount, so it is recommended that you find out if your services can be fully integrated with your network. Telecommunications are growing and are expected to continue to grow. Therefore, you need unlimited bandwidth scalability and redundancy across existing paths. Finally, make sure that contractual alternatives can be created that fully meet your telecommunications connection demands. A fiber optic operator capable of meeting all the key points is the ideal one to become your true business partner.

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