Data capacity and connectivity – speed matters

It is important that your company has reliable connectivity and data capacity. Without access to these two features, your business will suffer. Your customers rely on your company’s competence to provide them with the services for which they signed a contract.

Whether you are sending data across the country or around the world, you must have a reliable and optimal connection that can move information quickly. Old cable connections are simply not up to the task.

What to look for when purchasing your Internet services

Finding the right Internet services is the first step to enjoying fast speeds and reliable connectivity. There are several types of Internet connectivity technologies to choose from, but only one of the following will provide the services your company is looking for:

  • Cable DSL, satellite
  • Telephone access (analog services that are no longer very common)
  • Optical fiber

DSL cable or satellite depends on copper wiring at some point in the system to deliver the signal. The problem with this type of cabling is that the farther away from the source you are, the weaker the signal becomes.

Dial-up access is no longer a practical option. Fiber optic networks are by far the best choice for connectivity and data transfer, especially if you are looking for speed and reliability. It can transfer large amounts of data in seconds and there is no signal loss due to the distance it has to travel from the relay point.

Time for a change

Fiber optic Internet services are available throughout Latin America. Taking advantage of this networking option can help your company stay connected to the rest of the world. Data can be transferred seamlessly and without delay anywhere in the universe.

How fast is fast? The fastest ever recorded using a single optical fiber was 43 terabits per second. A terabit is composed of 1024 GB. That’s a lot of information transferred in one second.

What could your company do with that kind of connectivity and data capacity? How much more efficient would your business be if you could get data from one location to another in seconds? It would be as if your business were in the same office as the receiver, just a few feet away. Deciding to go fiber optic in Latin America can be a real game changer for you.

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