15.5 Terabits per second? Yes! With fiber optics, at the speed of light

dark fiber optic

In this fast-moving world, you can’t have lagging data connectivity. Dark fiber optic companies are making a difference for businesses throughout Latin America. This is exactly what your business has been waiting for.

Leasing or buying bandwidth has been the traditional way of doing business with Internet companies, but the problem has been that bandwidth is limited. You want data connectivity and capacity that keeps your data moving fast. Dark fiber is the solution.

Understanding the power of dark fiber optics

Two things make for excellent connectivity. Speed and capacity. How fast can your Internet move data and how much data can it move? Those are the two questions you need answers to.

Optical fiber moves 15.5 terabits of data every second. Fiber optic cable moves data at the speed of light and can move more information at the same time than it probably needs to move. If you are looking to move a lot of bandwidth, dark fiber may be your solution.

With other types of Internet connectivity technology, the further away you are from the source, the weaker the signal. Distorted signals slow down the connection and data transfer delays are experienced. With fiber optic network configurations, no matter how far away you are from the data source, your signal is never distorted and you never experience delays.

Dark optical fiber – What is it?

When fiber optic cables are not used, they are referred to as dark fiber optic cables. Small beams of light travel through the optical fiber when in use. When not in use, there are no light beams, hence the term dark fiber. The cables are dark because they are not in use and no light is generated. As long as no light is generated, there will be no data transmission.

Dark fiber companies use the unused fiber optic cables to transport huge amounts of information. There are miles and miles of these fiber optic cables that are “dark”, ready to create a private network for your business.

Instead of renting allocated bandwidth from an ISP, you can rent a fiber optic cable, create your own network and have full control of the connection. This gives you the freedom of scalability, privacy and incredible capabilities.

It is the solution you have been looking for if you need to move large amounts of data. This is sure to change the way you do business.

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