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Did you know that fiber optics can transfer 15.5 terabits of data per second? Fiber optics is used in a multitude of technology-based services. However, optical fiber is used by more industries than just telecommunications operators. A wholesale fiber optic operator deploys these networks for purposes including telecommunications, but also for medical, automotive, lighting, design and more. In this article you will find out how fiber optics covers much more than just the Internet services we use every day.

1. The automotive industry

As all wholesale fiber optic operators know, fiber optic cables play an important role in the lighting and safety features of today’s vehicles. They are widely used in lighting, both inside and outside the vehicle. Due to their ability to save space and provide superior illumination, these FO services are being used more and more every day. Also, similar to how dark fiber offers the ability to connect different locations in a company, for example, regular fiber optic cables transmit signals between different parts of your vehicle at the speed of light. This makes them invaluable in the use of important safety applications such as traction control and airbags.

Computer networks

In the 21st century, ease of access is increasingly expected and taken for granted by today’s consumers. Why should computer networks or the Internet be any different? Fortunately, most companies are opting for fiber-optic Internet, instead of copper, as was previously used. This allows for better connectivity and higher data capacity delivery. Networking between equipment in a single building or even across nearby structures becomes easier, faster and more efficient with the use of fiber optic cables. Your local fiber optic wholesale carrier will tell you that fiber service will deliver a service with a marked decrease in the time it takes to transfer your files and send your information over the networks.


As mentioned above, fiber optic cables are useful for a wide range of medical and research purposes. Optical communication is a vital component involved in non-intrusive surgical methods, also known as endoscopy. In applications such as these, one minute of bright light is used to illuminate the surgical area inside the body. This reduces the number and size of incisions and results in a less invasive surgery. In terms of research, fiber optics are particularly used in microscopy, as well as in biomedical research. If your company has not jumped on the trend of using fiber optics to improve the quality of your connectivity, research or manufacturing, it is probably time to contact a fiber optic wholesale operator.

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