What is Direct Cloud Connectivity and why is it important?

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As our dependence on technology has become more pronounced, the use of the cloud has also become relatively common. The cloud provides the reliable online storage your company needs to access important data at any time.

But joining the cloud can be a problem if you don’t have a strong network to back you up. If you are looking for superior data connectivity and capacity, you may want to learn more about Direct Cloud Connectivity and how it can help your organization succeed.

What is Direct Cloud Connectivity?

Basically, it refers to how your Internet network interacts with your cloud storage. Previously, public networks could connect only to public clouds; now Direct Cloud Connectivity allows you to use all types of clouds (including public, private and hybrid models) via a dedicated, private network. To put it another way, direct cloud connectivity provides a secure and reliable way to access what is in your cloud storage via a dedicated non-public Internet network.

What are the benefits of Direct Cloud Connectivity?

One of the most obvious benefits here is the security provided by this connection. With this type of connectivity, you can continue to use your private network while still having access to the data connectivity and capacity you require for any task. This helps protect information against loss or criminal activity while providing a convenient means of access. It is also a more reliable option, as it is not always preferable to have to use a standard Internet connection for cloud connectivity. In this way, you will have more control over the experience and be subject to fewer delays, interruptions and other frustrations. Finally, this option provides much faster speeds than previous cloud connectivity alternatives, allowing you to get the job done much more efficiently across the board.

So what is the connection between Direct Cloud Connectivity and fiber optics?

You may be wondering how cloud storage and fiber-optic networks are related. As in so many other cases, fiber optic Internet is the backbone of connectivity. In the last five years, the fiber optic cable manufacturing industry has grown by 11.8%. And if your decision is to get a secure and reliable Internet connection, having a fiber optic network in Latin America is ultimately the best place to start. By tuning your dedicated Internet network, you can focus on your storage and cloud connectivity.

To learn more about how our fiber-optic Internet can ensure you have the direct cloud connectivity you need, contact us today.

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