UFINET Panama celebrates its 20th anniversary

UFINET Panama began operations in 2000, two years after the birth of UFINET in Spain. Since its inception, the company has been offering world-class wholesale telecommunications infrastructure services in the Republic of Panama.

Since its first years of operation, UFINET Panama has distinguished itself by building and taking its fiber optic networks to places where this technology did not exist, thus contributing to improve the quality of the country’s telecommunications services. The focus of UFINET has always been to meet the needs of the different Telecommunications Operators, in a neutral way, thus increasing the competitiveness among all of them, thus benefiting the end user.

UFINET has been steadily building what is today undoubtedly the largest and best fiber optic network in the country, with several crossings between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, three different connections with Costa Rica, also entering the Darien area very close to the border with Colombia beyond the city of Meteti, not leaving aside the enormous coverage and capillarity it has in the more than 340 cities and towns it connects, where the more than 3,000 km of metropolitan fiber network in Panama City stand out.

With all the investments made in the growth of the fiber optic network, often in very rural areas, UFINET Panama has collaborated very intensively in minimizing the digital divide in the country, and this has naturally made it a very important agent of the government project “100% National Digital Coverage“, and therefore has served the country’s own needs led by the AIG (Authority for Government Innovation).

Today UFINET Panama offers connectivity through its more than 10,500 km of fiber optics, connecting more than 1,500 mobile telephone towers, as well as more than 5,250 buildings.

Within the role that UFINET Panama plays as an integral infrastructure operator, it has more than 250 towers/posts of its own, where mobile telephony operators can collocate to install their radio bases, where it is worth highlighting the four large structures that were installed in 2019 on the coastal strip, on the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis for World Youth Day, where all operators were able to provide the necessary coverage and meet the high demand for data that was required.

UFINET plays a fundamental role in improving fiber optic connectivity in Panama, serving as a backbone in the country for many national and international operators, as well as connecting very rural communities built through different projects carried out for operators or the Panamanian Government. In addition, our towering and fiber optic services make us more than ready for 5G, which will soon arrive in Panama.“Now in its twentieth year as a telecommunications infrastructure provider, UFINET Panama has become not only the leader in fiber optics, but also the reference for telecommunications networks in the country, thanks to its customers, business partners and collaborators.

For more information on UFINET services, please visit https://ufinet.com.

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