UFINET aims to end 2022 with 200,000 FTTH homes in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

The focus of the deployment in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area is on FTTH networks, as Gustavo Candolfi, Commercial Manager for the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile and Paraguay), recalled during Carriers Map Day 2021. So far Ufinet has reached 50,000 homes in Florencio Varela and the plan is to expand to Quilmes and Lomas de Zamora.

Throughout Latin America, Ufinet has capillarity in more than 2,000 cities. Among the data shared by Candolfi, he said that in Paraguay they are developing 15 projects in a dozen cities (Villarica, Santa Rita, Encarnación, Campo 9, Itacurubí, Paraguarí, Coronel Oviedo, María Auxiliadora, Tobatí and Caazapá), with more than 50,000 households affected.

Ufinet is currently deploying 30,000 homes in Cartagena (Colombia), while in Bogota the deployment with ETB is expected to reach 2.5 million homes. For Peru, he mentioned another 60,000 homes under development these days for San Miguel and La Perla, in Lima.

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