Latin America, towering and 5G business owners: 4 things you need to know

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5G is among some of the latest technologies in the world right now. According to Cisco’s annual Internet Report, 5G devices and connections will make up more than one-tenth of all mobile devices and connections by 2023. Latin America is no exception to this trend. There are many interesting 5G-related developments currently underway in the region. Read on to learn more about the current state of 5G in Latin America.

5G and security concerns in Latin America

It is believed that the introduction of 5G could possibly aggravate the security situation in Latin America. There has always been speculation that there is a backdoor in Chinese technologies and, if this is true, it makes Latin America even more vulnerable to network intrusion in its various forms. Most of the equipment being used for 3G and 4G was sourced from Chinese companies. This includes a large amount of equipment purchased by owners of prominent companies.

With the introduction of the 5G network which will be much faster, the number of devices on the networks will multiply significantly. This includes cell phones, computers, home appliances and vehicles. As it continues to develop, 5G is also likely to become a crucial component of each country’s critical national infrastructure. This undoubtedly increases the risks associated with system vulnerabilities.

5G use cases in Latin America


The number one factor driving the growth of 5G in Latin America and around the world is consumer impatience. People now want to get exactly the same content they have been getting, but at a faster pace.

Industry, Mining and Energy

Another application of 5G in Latin America is to digitally transform the industrial sector. This offers great hope for economic growth. 5G is expected to enable sites to have highly functional features and be protected from interference with other users, consumers or industry.

15 million connections expected by 2022

The Mobile Economy Latin America forecasts that there will be at least 15 million 5G connections by 2022. The service has already been launched in countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. This represents an adoption rate of close to 10%. At that rate, it means that 5G will constitute about 33% of all connections in Latin America by 2025. This also means a lot of work for the owners of large companies.

Digital inclusion and setting the stage for 5G in Latin America

Approximately 93% of the Latin American population is covered by mobile broadband networks. However, there are several policy recommendations that have been made by various parties for the advancement of 5G in Latin America. These include eliminating legacy regulations and moving toward more simplified policies.

There is a lot going on regarding the advancement of 5G in Latin America. There are several prominent business owners who are already taking advantage of the unique opportunities that 5G brings.

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