Digitally transform your business with superior advanced networks

Over the past 5 years, the fiber optic cable manufacturing industry has experienced a steady growth increase of 11.8%. What does this mean? Advanced networking is a feasible and necessary option for your business, offering a continuum of connectivity aimed at improving inefficient or outdated telecommunications operating models.

The good news is that the ability to improve telecommunications operations is easily within reach. Considering that light travels extremely fast, at approximately 186,000 miles per second, fiber optic connections are not subject to the speed limits of other technologies such as DSL and coaxial cable. The use of fiber optics simplifies the successful transformation of businesses with improved connectivity and data capacity.

Increasingly, telecom integrators need to be able to further transform digital operations that focus on greater connectivity and data capacity. Connectivity advancements include fiber optic services from telecommunications companies offering next-generation technology, including dark fiber cable and secure capacity connectivity that supports reliable, high-performance functionality.

Advanced connectivity operates future enterprise networks

Telecommunications companies in many geographies and industries require state-of-the-art connectivity to meet customer demands. Strong business networks give you the opportunity to expand your business in the future. While there are many high-profile technologies competing for recognition within your telecom business model, building networks with the best data connectivity and capacity is even more critical.

Are the building blocks of your connectivity correctly constructed?

When it comes to advanced connectivity, the bar needs to be raised. The right data capacity and connectivity provide the necessary foundation for configuring networks to meet various types of availability and performance requirements. In terms of your company’s digital transformation, does your company have an advanced network strategy that properly integrates data connectivity and capacity? Working with leading telecommunications companies will ensure you get innovative solutions that drive your business forward, fully integrated with network solutions that simply build your business better and make it stronger.

The role of fiber optics in capacity

Transporting circuits over fiber optics requires high-bandwidth connectivity delivered by a wholesale operator that can offer secure and easy-to-use services. An end-to-end fiber optic connection that provides the ability to use backbone and access services, national and international connections, local loop and backhaul is beneficial. Of course, these services need to be scalable to grow with your business and offer greater flexibility, agility and adaptability.

Coverage matters, and matters a lot

If your company wants to have a wide coverage, the best way to make sure you get it is by using telecommunication services that offer the use of a VSAT satellite network as a complement. This will provide you with coverage through a multitude of satellites that will give you much greater exposure along with improved reliability. Telecom integrators need the ability to connect to remote areas, and there is no better way to do this than with the use of VSAT satellite services.

Complete connectivity begins with VSAT satellite services.

How can you ensure that your business has full connectivity? Through the use of a connectivity access network and VSAT satellite services with wide coverage through its own satellites together with reliable roaming agreements through third parties. This ensures the best possible coverage when it comes to satellite communication results with two-way remote access to rural sites. You will use connections with minimal latency and high availability while being able to support critical services with low latency and traffic requirements.

Customized solutions are designed to meet your needs

Telecom specialists create customized solutions to specifically fit your design, optimization, prioritization and configuration requirements. All applications and services are based on the use of data traffic and protocols, as well as voice and video services. Ultimately, leading telecommunications companies are ready to serve you with national and international connections that fully meet your connectivity needs in a secure and flexible manner that is also monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Put a large fiber optic network of more than 61,000 km at your disposal today. It will be worth it.

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