COVID-19 – Meeting new challenges

A employee of Ufinet working from home

More than four months have passed and more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home. COVID-19 brought the world to a complete halt, changing the way we live and do things.

This pandemic also brought a new reality of approaching business: working from home. We already know that this concept is not new. Companies around the world had already started to implement this way of working a couple of years ago, allowing their employees to stay at home in order to eliminate the daily commute to the office, thus saving time and giving them a break from the chaos of traffic jams and traffic jams.

But this time it was different. Not all companies were prepared to meet the bandwidth demands of all their employees accessing company systems from home at the same time, or having to deal with a slow or minimal bandwidth connection to the Internet. There was a breach that needed to be resolved, and soon.

As is almost always the case, every problem comes with an opportunity for growth. Significant bandwidth increases have been observed in recent months, both in offices and homes. And it is logical. Employees must be able to have a good connection to maintain productivity from home, and a good telecom operator should be able to solve these types of challenges for businesses as quickly as possible.

UFINET has been present at all times for these operators, helping them to make the required adjustments that the new normality has demanded from day one. We have connected companies throughout Latin America with their employees at home, maintaining seamless connectivity with the company’s online systems.

Embrace change and keep your company up to the standards of the new normal. Covid-19 has come to revolutionize our world, and it looks like things will continue to change in the coming years. You have to be prepared.

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