UFINET, the preferred Carrier of Carriers in Latin America.

Since its inception in 1998, UFINET has focused on providing quality and high availability services to other carriers in the natural environment of the wholesale telecommunications market. UFINET has been highly successful in serving different types of telecommunications operators that have placed their network and their trust in UFINET.

Serving other telecommunications operators has represented a constant challenge and has meant executing constant continuous improvement plans, given that the needs, expectations and demands that these types of clients have are especially high, since they rely on UFINET for their network in different instances within their value chain, for the delivery of services to their end clients.

As UFINET ‘s network has expanded and proven its reliability, and has expanded by “connecting the previously unconnected”, crossing borders and extending its coverage to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, many operators see the convenience of outsourcing connectivity and focusing on the “on-top” services with which they truly differentiate themselves and add value to their customers. UFINET has specialized in deploying and maintaining neutral networks and leaves the operation of higher layer services to its customers.

Which Carriers do we serve?

UFINET has been able to adapt and focus its services to the different types of Operators it serves, since each one of them has different needs and requirements.

As telecommunications convergence progresses, operators have evolved very interestingly in the different services they provide to their customers, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to classify a player in the telecommunications market by pure differentiation.

International Carriers:

UFINET provides various services such as backbone, backhaul, last mile, collocation and remote hands, among others, to the main European, American and Asian carriers operating in Latin America.

For many of them, UFINET ‘s slogan “Your Gateway to LATAM” is a living reality, and they see the UFINET network as an extension of their network through which they connect to the major world-class companies they serve. Many of them have limited or no local presence and look to UFINET. They rely on UFINET for different tasks, including the management of CPE’s, since they are players that do not have a local presence.

Local/Regional Carriers:

UFINET operates locally in 15 Latin American markets, has the best professionals in each market and promotes best practices by exporting that knowledge among its different operations.

Unlike international Carriers, local and regional Carriers have local presence and often also network assets, so UFINET’ s network is a complement to their own deployments, either to have redundancy schemes or because it is more cost efficient for them to use the network that UFINET has deployed regionally. More recently, UFINET has established strategic alliances for the development of neutral FTTH networks, hand in hand with local and regional operators who see this as a way to optimize their resources.

UFINET has been able to address very local problems with the specific knowledge of each country, area and region, and has also been enriched through the observation and internal dissemination of best practices in different countries, attracting and developing talent that has been captured through acquisitions of companies, constant training of its team. This has made it possible to have highly reliable networks over which much of the internal traffic of the 15 countries in which it operates circulates.

The main players in Latin America see UFINET as an ally, they know of its professionalism, business ethics and trust in making long-term strategic alliances. They know that UFINET ‘s neutrality has been a catalyst for natural competition between market players and this has allowed them to develop projects that would otherwise not have been possible. This has made UFINET an agent of change in the telecommunications landscape in the countries in which it operates.

Mobile Operators:

Another large segment that UFINET has served since the beginning of its operations is mobile operators. Its history together dates back to the time of the liberalization of telecommunications in Latin America, when several companies were privatized and new entrants had the need to develop fiber optic networks.

Many saw in UFINET the ideal partner and since then have entrusted their backbone and access networks to it, optimizing the CAPEX available to constantly modernize their networks, taking advantage of the constant changes that this market has undergone.

More recently, with the launch of UFINET’s towering services, mainly oriented to meet the high density needs that technologies such as LTE and 5G require, these players have taken advantage of UFINET ‘s infrastructure to rapidly deploy new radio bases, thus expanding their coverage in record time and gaining an important “time to market” that allows them to remain market leaders or significantly increase their market share.

Finally, the unique network coverage in many rural and difficult to access areas, has been and will undoubtedly be decisive for the development of the networks of these mobile operators. UFINET is known and respected among all of them, they know that it is the best ally and that it has been and is up to their requirements, they have embarked together on very long term projects and these alliances have proven to be a guarantee for the success of their operations.

UFINET is a neutral fiber optic operator with an extensive data transport network covering Latin America. We stand out for our customer focus, providing customized solutions and exceptional support. With UFINET, you get not only connectivity, but a true strategic partner committed to your success.

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