ADEN – Latin American Management Summit: the company post Covid-19

Our CEO,
Iñigo García del Cerro Prieto

The key to teleworking is good connectivity. Fiber optic networks must be able to support increased traffic in all homes.” – Iñigo García del Cerro. To see the video of his participation click here:

In this new era of telecommuting, exponential growth has been seen in all networks. This is a very relevant change that makes us see the need to renew investments. The key to teleworking is good connectivity. This implies a paradigm shift in all networks, a need for greater investment in all countries to bring fiber to all homes.

The 5G networks that were to be deployed in several years are likely to be accelerated against this backdrop. Internet access will become increasingly important as a universal good, as a basic broadband service, not only in large cities but also in rural environments. We can no longer afford the digital divide where connections in cities are good and in rural areas are bad.

All this will bring an acceleration of a trend that we have already been seeing and that has increased with this crisis (Covid-19) and with this paradigm shift to working from home, and that is that networks must be able to support the traffic. We see this clearly in how countries where broadband is a reality and there was fiber in a high percentage of homes versus countries where they still have other types of technologies and the networks have not been able to support this growth.

Letter of gratitude Dr. Ricardo Greco Guiñazú

Dear Iñigo García del Cerro,

On behalf of the entire ADEN Educational Group, I would like to personally thank you for your invaluable contribution to the “LATIN AMERICAN MANAGEMENT SUMMIT: THE POST CORONAVIRUS COMPANY, Keys for planning a new era”.

By generously donating your time to this cause, you helped us to make this summit exceed our expectations, and we hope that it has helped attendees to have a clearer picture of a present of great complexity and uncertainty, and that the ideas presented will be the starting point to face a transformation process that is essential to overcome the storm and prepare for a future full of opportunities.

We are also proud to have added our concrete contribution to such a noble organization as the Red Cross, committed to the health needs of the population.

In the following links, you can watch the recordings of his participation in the summit.

Once again I thank you for your participation, and I bid you a warm farewell.

Dr. Ricardo Greco Guiñazú
President ADEN Educational Group

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