3 reasons why fiber optics is the way of the future

fiber optic network

The growth rate of telecommunications has expanded exponentially like wildfire, with new technologies and ways of interacting with users becoming faster and faster. In fact, in the last five years, the fiber optic cable manufacturing industry has exploded, growing by a staggering 11.8%. Industries are pushing to bring the latest and greatest to new markets like Mexico. If you are looking for basic information on some of the benefits of fiber optic services, check out this guide to help your company make the switch.

Increased connectivity

Mexico’s ambitious plans for a backbone network aim to provide a national data transport network extending over 25,000 km. Lighting dark fiber will not only provide critical infrastructure to cities in this territory, but will also enable connectivity in areas with limited or no service.

More choice for service providers means greater accessibility for everyone

In addition to the boom in fiber-optic Internet connectivity, Mexico’s backbone network has created room for greater ISP diversification. While this may not mean as much for larger cities where healthy competition is thriving, this is especially important in areas where consumers are tied to the rates and connectivity options of the few local providers. Simply put: more choice is better for consumers at all levels.

Higher speeds and connection capacity

Fiber optic services are the next step in telecommunications for many reasons, with one reason becoming the biggest of all: as connectivity becomes a greater global necessity, Internet services must rise to the occasion. Regardless of any of the other factors on this list, there is no denying that Internet services are driven by the speed and heavy lifting that fiber optic services can provide. With data transfer rates exceeding 15 terabits per second, there is no denying the invaluable speed that this technology presents. This ability to analyze heavy loads at breakneck speeds is crucial when it comes to equipping businesses for the future, where staying in touch with consumers can be the difference between maintaining and losing a relationship. As we discussed earlier, this is also extremely important when setting up larger infrastructures, where the connectivity provided by fiber optic communications can be the difference between seamless communication and being left in the dark.

One way or another, dark fiber services are the next step in telecommunications strategies. Have you considered making the change? Talk to us about your reasons for making the leap into the future of telecommunications.

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