As our reliance on technology has become more pronounced, the use of the cloud has also become relatively commonplace. The cloud provides reliable online storage your business needs to access important data at a moment’s notice.

But joining the cloud may be an issue if you don’t have a strong network to support you. If you’re looking for superior data connectivity and capacity, you may want to find out more about direct cloud connectivity and how it can help your organization succeed.

What Is Direct Cloud Connectivity?

It essentially refers to how your internet network interacts with your storage cloud. While it used to be that only public networks could connect to public clouds, direct cloud connectivity now allows you to utilize all kinds of clouds (including public, private, and hybrid models) using a dedicated and private network. To put it another way, direct cloud connectivity offers a secure and dependable way for you to access what’s in your cloud storage using a specific, non-public internet network.

What Are the Benefits of Direct Cloud Connectivity?

One of the most obvious benefits here is the security this connection provides. With this type of connectivity, you can continue using your private network while still accessing the data connectivity and capacity you need for virtually any task. This can help you to protect your information from loss or criminal activity while still providing a convenient means of access. It’s also a more reliable option, as being forced to use a standard internet connection for cloud connectivity isn’t always preferable. When you take advantage of the benefits of a direct cloud connection, you’ll have more control over the experience and will be subject to fewer delays, outages, and other frustrations. Finally, this option provides much more impressive speeds than previous cloud connectivity alternatives — allowing you to get the job done much more efficiently across the board.

What’s the Connection Between Cloud Connectivity and Fiber Optics?

You may be wondering how cloud storage and fiber optic networks are related. As in so many other instances, fiber optic internet is the backbone of connectivity in this case. Over the last five years, the fiber optic cable manufacturing industry has grown by 11.8%. And if you’re determined to obtain secure and reliable internet, having a fiber-optic network in Latin America is ultimately the best place to start. By getting your dedicated internet network squared away, you can then focus on your cloud storage and connectivity.

To learn more about how our fiber optic internet can ensure you have the direct cloud connectivity you require, please contact us today.

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