Light is known to move extremely fast at 186,000 miles per second. However, connections for fiber optics are not constrained by speed limits that are hard-capped and found in technologies including DSL and cable. Are you ready to unleash the true potential for your telecommunications business? Telecom integrators just like you need IP transit services from a tier 1 internet network provider that offers support via a fiber optic network. Connectivity is delivered in the form of internet services that keep you connected to your customers throughout the world. How do you know when you’ve sourced top services that deliver the scalability, performance, and reliability that your telecommunications business demands? By sourcing IP transit services that encompass the following imperative key points that can help you make informed decisions.

Networks Are Only as Strong as Their Backbone

You need to use an optical fiber network with an international backbone. This enables assured connectivity through a strong internet backbone with access networks, local loop, and backhaul, as well as international and national connections. Tap into services offered by fiber-optic operators that utilize and know that IP is greatly strengthened with connectivity in the U.S. in the NAP of the Americas in Miami, in NYC1-60 Hudson in New York and in One Wilshire in Los Angeles.

Every telecommunications business needs secure capacity connectivity solutions that are protected, flexible and monitored 24/7. Stay interconnected by means of high-performance IP transit services with the right fiber capacity. Such services allow your business to access the internet in a manner that ensures your customers always reach your services and applications.

Connection Speeds Matter

Telecommunications depends on unwavering connection speeds. Another key point you want to consider when choosing an operator is their connections with local ISP nodes and the major international ISPs Tier 1 category. Those ISP nodes should be locally placed in different cities so you are guaranteed quality of service. Choose IP transit services with options such as a fully guaranteed bandwidth. Services should also be delivered using all interface ports including 10-gigabit ethernet, gigabit ethernet, fast ethernet, and ethernet. All of those ports can handle some of the most extensive bandwidth-intensive traffic requirements.

High Level Services and Great Support Matters

This key point is actually vital and deserves a lot of attention when it comes to making sure your telecommunications company has the right IP transit services. Having customer support in place is fundamental. Does your current provider offer bilingual customer support in Spanish and English? Do they have a network operations center that is available 24/7? It is critical that your needs are fulfilled with one of the most demanding SLAs on the market too.

Fuel Your Telecommunications Business with Top IP Transit Solutions

You want to utilize the shortest transit route possible. A tier 1 provider will make sure that your data is accessible using the lowest latency possible on the globe. Reliable support and robust offerings that are capable of growing with your business make for a great investment in the future of your business. Harness IP transit services that draw from a range of consulting, hosting, and networking experience.

There are a few other aspects you want to keep in mind before choosing an IP transit provider. Total integration with your current optical fiber network is paramount. Inquire concerning whether their services can be fully integrated with your network. Telecommunications grow and are expected to continue growing. Therefore, you necessitate unlimited bandwidth scalability and redundancy through existing routes. Finally, make sure that contractual alternatives can be created that fully fit your telecommunications connection demands. A fiber-optic operator that is capable of meeting all key points is ready to become your true business partner.

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