The solution will provide a multi-technology orchestration layer in the cloud for the deployment of its wholesale FTTH services in Argentina, Colombia and other countries.

UFINET, a neutral fiber optic carrier of carriers in the wholesale telecommunications market, chose Intraway to provide the solution to the orchestration layer of its FTTH services. Through Symphonica Cloud, the cloud based Intraway multi-service orchestrator, UFINET will manage the deployment of its wholesale FTTH services in Latin America where the company has launched an aggressive plan to have more than 12 million connected homes in several cities, including Bogotá, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, among others.

We chose Symphonica because it allows us to focus on our business while we have our Cloud platform managed to deploy the activation processes of our services,” said Maximiliano Reggio, Planning and Engineering Manager for UFINET. “With Symphonica Cloud, we can automate all our provisioning processes, which gives way to improve our time to market and provide a better service to our customers.”

The platform will automate and simplify operations between its customers and a physical inventory system, process service orders and ensure completeness. With Symphonica Cloud, UFINET, who provides connectivity services with wide network coverage and high capillarity in the main cities of 17 countries, will automate the management of the service life cycle without investing in IT projects that require a lot of time and budget.

Symphonica is a multi-service orchestrator that manages, controls and automates the provision of end-to-end business and residential services through multiple network technologies and vendor teams. Intraway’s Symphonica platform is an automation, orchestration and activation service for native, cloudless and codeless services. Recently, Intraway announced that it has joined the Amazon Web Services (APN) network of associates as a preferred technology partner, increasing its commitment to support its customers’ digitalization efforts with its award-winning provisioning automation platform, Symphonica.


UFINET is a Wholesale Telecommunications Infrastructure Operator with a presence in 17 countries, which provides connectivity services in Latin America through a network of more than 62,600 km of fully owned optical fiber deployed. It also has more than 22 years of experience, which makes it your best ally to provide connectivity in the region.

UFINET also provides neutral FTTH access services in both passive and active modes, as well as different Towering services.

As an international Carrier de Carriers, UFINET is MEF (CE 3.0) certified to provide Carrier Ethernet services for Telecommunications Operators, and has a broad portfolio of connectivity products L2, L3, DWDM, DIA, BIA, Dark Fiber, VSAT, Colocation, CPE Lease or remote hands, among others. For this, it has metropolitan fiber optic networks with a great capillarity in 2000+ cities, national backbones, backhaul to connect the main submarine cables in the different countries, as well as international connectivity between the countries, the US and the EU.

All of the above makes UFINET one of the favorite Operators for Latin America.

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Intelligent Automation for Autonomous Networks

By supporting the services of more than 40 million subscribers in more than 20 countries on three continents, Intraway’s fulfillment and assurance solutions help telecommunications operators create the network of the future, today. Its consultative and industry-based approach makes it easy to add state-of-the-art functionalities to accelerate the placing of services on the market, reduce operational costs and meet customer demands.

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