Fiber optic network services are quickly becoming the way of the future, and by 2023 the Cisco Annual Internet Report predicts that nearly two-thirds of the world will have internet access. Because of fiber optic distribution partners, internet connectivity is becoming easier and more reliable than ever. To help you understand the benefits of fiber optics, here are some benefits that you should know.

1.      Unparalleled Speed

Fiber optics is most notable for its speed, which is 10 to 20 times faster than the standard cables currently in use by many people. Because of this, it is superior for streaming, working, and online gaming. Standard cables just can’t keep up.

2.      Extraordinary Reliability

Fiber optic distribution partners can also boast about the superior reliability that fiber optics can provide. With traditional wires, overloads can happen during peak traffic times leading to slowdowns and freezes. However, because fiber-optic wires can handle higher data loads and more users at once, you don’t have to worry about losing connection when you need it most.

3.      No Throttling

Throttling occurs when internet providers slow down the internet to prevent overload during peak times. Fiber optic internet connections don’t have this problem due to the ability to handle greater demands and higher bandwidths. So, this means your teenager doesn’t have to rage anymore because their internet lagged during an online game match because too many people were streaming at the same time.

4.      Increased Safety

Fiber optic distribution partners don’t just provide fast and reliable communications, but they can also improve nationwide safety. Better internet with reliable access improves Latin American’s access to emergency services which can help during disasters. This can improve national security and allow citizens to receive aid quicker and without unnecessary delays. For example, the US government even laid out the Nation Broadband plan back in 2010 which calls for these improvements to be made so as to create a more robust national connectivity network.

The internet plays an important role in keeping us connected with the world around us, and many people rely on it daily. Fiber optics helps to take this connectivity further into the future by providing better speeds, more reliability, and increased security. As more fiber network services get put in place, we can expect to see an era of connection that wouldn’t have even seemed possible at the turn of the century.

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