Dear Customer, thank you very much for your trust in UFINET, it will be a pleasure to work with you.

Here you will find important information regarding the delivery of services requested by your company and all the necessary documentation to make inquiries and handle everything related to your contracted service.

We remind you a few important points to have in mind:

1) UFINET will grant you, upon receipt of the delivery certificate, a period of 5 working days to carry out all the necessary tests of the link.

2) In case of any disagreement with the service, please communicate with your Project Manager inmediately, before the 5 day period of time.

3) In the event that UFINET does not receive any communication or a ticket opening regarding any disagreement with the service within this period of 5 working days, billing will start from the date of sending the service delivery document.

Step by step

Basic step by step

1) Keep it on – Confirm that your equipment has electrical power. For this, check that the power cable is connected and that the LED indicator on the panel is lit.

2) Always connected – On the back of your equipment you will find a series of connected cables. Verify that everything is perfectly coupled.

3) Turn off and on – Restart your equipment. This step could immediately solve some inconsistencies such as: Saturation in the operating system, duplicity in the IP and elevation of the temperature.

4) Indicative lights – Your equipment has a set of lights that indicate the status of the service

DNS Change

To access the explanation of DNS change enter this link:


To access the explanatory document of our fault policies attributable to UFINET, visit these links:

Procedure to report an incident

Please follow this procedure to report an incident.

Before contacting the NOC remember:

Locate service ID (number of xx digits for capacity; x for internet)
Call the NOC – See below country telephone
Send email

Procedure to report the incident:

Provide your name, email and telephone number.
Wait 30 – 45 minutes for 1st advance feedback

Level 1 support
Detection incidence
Solution to incidence
O & M or advanced support (as applicable)

Support Level 2
Detection incidence
Solution to incidence
O & M or advanced support (as applicable)

O & M verifies diagnosis
Solution to incidence
Confirmation of service repair with the customer
Ticket closing

Determination of imputability. If it is attributable to:
– UFINET: RFO sent in 72h
– Client: email is sent with causes of incidence

Ticket creation

When opening a ticket:

Make a call to the NOC:
NOC phone – See below your country telephone
Circuit ID – xxxxxxxxx (mention your ID#)

Please always have this circuit number handy to provide to the operator when writing or calling the NOC

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our NOC at your country’s telephone number or email Remember to have your circuit number on hand to provide it to the operator for an expedite process.


You can visit this link to see the RFO format that we will send you in the event of a breakdown:

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