You’ve probably heard about the potential of 5G. While those who provide tower network services are well-versed in how 5G could impact our lives, you might know very little about what to expect as this type of connection grows in prominence. Let’s take a closer look at what 5G is and how it could change the world as we know it.

What is 5G, Anyway?

 If you work for a towering company, you may already consider 5G to be the next frontier in cell towering services. The average person, however, has probably heard of 5G without having a thorough understanding of what it is.

5G stands for “fifth generation.” It’s the newest iteration of our mobile network standard. What makes 5G different is that it’s essentially designed to connect everyone and everything at super-fast speed. If you know what IoT is or you dream of owning a smart home someday, 5G tower network services will be a necessary step in the widespread implementation of interconnected devices. 5G is meant to be faster than previous generations, with a lower latency rate and improved reliability. It’s also slated to play an important role in everything from virtual reality to artificial intelligence — but we’ll dive into that next.

How Will 5G Change the Way We Live?

 According to the most recent Cisco Annual Internet Report, 5G devices and connections are predicted to comprise over 10% of global mobile devices and connections by 2023. That might not sound like a lot, but when you consider how many devices and connections actually exist, 10% is a significant number. What’s more, the fiber network services used to install 5G will allow us to communicate more dependably, access cloud applications much more quickly, and connect to a wide variety of devices easily and affordably. Here are just some of the ways that 5G tower network services will shape our future:

  • Smart cities may become the norm. You’ve heard of smartphones and smart homes, but did you know that an entire city can become smart, too? In fact, the National League of Cities reports that two-thirds of U.S. municipalities have already invested in this type of technology. Through the use of 5G connections, cities can potentially save millions on electricity costs, reduce environmental impact, and even deter crime.
  • IoT will go commercial. Controlling your thermostat via your mobile device might seem like the ultimate tech-savvy luxury. But IoT isn’t stopping there. With the widespread utilization of 5G tower network services, it will become more common to see IoT applied in commercial and industrial settings. From factories to farms, IoT could help to improve safety, yield, and the overall supply chain.
  • Virtual options can become even more robust. During the pandemic, many people started to work remotely for the first time. Others were able to schedule medical appointments through telehealth programs or video chat with friends and family from afar. 5G will ultimately bolster these capabilities and make them even more feasible, thanks to lower latency rates and impressive speeds. Teleconferencing will no longer seem like a sacrifice because you won’t deal with tech-related frustrations. A higher-performance connection can keep us safe and comfortable — whether we’re dealing with a global health crisis or we simply don’t want to leave the house.

It’s clear that 5G holds the power to improve our lives in many ways. But in order to access these opportunities, towering services are needed. To learn more about how we can help, please contact UFINET today.

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