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By accessing Ufinet’s website (the “Portal”), you are accepting our Terms and Conditions of Use.


Ufinet Latam S.L.U. (hereinafter, Ufinet or the “Company”) is the owner of the Portal. As the intention of the Company is to protect personal data, we will explain below what types of data we process, how we do so, and the technical and organizational measures adopted to make proper use of said data.


In order better to understand how Ufinet processes personal data, it is important to understand that Ufinet’s services essentially focus on corporations. Nonetheless, since all corporations at some time have access to personal data, such as, for example, in recruitment processes, the measures adopted by Ufinet to protect this type of data need to be understood.


For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, a “User” should be understood as any individual interacting with or browsing the Portal owned by Ufinet.


For the purposes of compliance with this Privacy Policy, the General Data Protection Regulation, the Organic Data Protection Act, and all other regulations in force at present have been considered.


1.     How do we gather your information?


Directly from you: We gather the information that you provide us with when you complete the different forms on the Portal or send us an email (e.g., full name, email address, country, and any other information you might decide to send us).


From how you use the Portal: You may use our website from your computer, mobile, tablet or other devices. We use tools to help us understand how you browse our website. For further information, please consult our Cookies Policy below.


From third parties: For example, if you access social media networks via our site, these networks, as third parties, will give us information about you. You should also read and consider the privacy policies of said social media networks.


2.     What information do we gather from you?


Contact information, information to improve our services, or information to request a quotation: We gather the information that you provide us with when you contact us, or suggest improvements in the provision of our services, or when requesting a quotation via the forms on the website or by email (full name, email address, country, and any other information you might wish to share with us, including company, position, contact details, etc.)


Information about your company: We gather access information, such as username and password, from users we provide telecommunications services to.


Information to participate in recruitment processes: We gather the information you provide us with to allow you to participate in the recruitment processes that the Company conducts over the course of the year (full name, email address, country, resume, etc.) We could even ultimately contract the services of a recruitment company to be sent candidate applications. In such cases, you would be duly informed of the process when data is gathered.


Information to send advertising: We gather the information that you provide us with to send newsletters or information releases for promotional campaigns about the products and / or services provided by Ufinet (full name, email address).


Information about how you browse our pages: The information gathered is used to measure activity on the Portal, to understand how you interact with the website, to make improvements to the service or, in some cases, to measure any online advertising campaigns that Ufinet might contract (e.g., information about the browser you are using and your IP address). Please consult our Cookies Policy for further information.


Ufinet will not store any information that is not strictly necessary for the purposes listed below.


3.     We may use information for the following purposes:


To provide you with our services, to offer you support, to contact you, and to respond to requests for quotations (e.g., all companies requesting a quotation for any service provided by Ufinet will need to complete a form with their contact details)


To consider you in recruitment processes that the Company organizes over the course of the year, managed by our Human Resources department.


To send out advertising (i.e., where you have voluntarily requested that you be sent the newsletter, we will send you advertising). Because of the contractual relationship itself, we may send commercial communications to our clients in connection with services offered by Ufinet.


To improve the services provided by our website (e.g., to ascertain which pages you visit, how long you spend on each one of them, etc.)


To send customized advertising. Ufinet may hire other companies to suggest customized advertising to you on the Ufinet website itself, or on the websites of third-party companies. For further information, please consult our Cookies Policy below.


For reasons of security, prevention of abuse and fraud, and other legally permitted purposes. We may use your information for reasons of security, to protect the Company or the Ufinet Group. We will also use the data to avoid any form of abuse of our services, such as denial of service attacks, sending of spam, or any other practice in violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use of our website.


4.     There are certain choices you can make about how we use your information.


If you wish to retract any information provided, you can write to us at the email address If the User does not wish for his or her data to be processed for advertising or commercial purposes, the User should notify the Company by writing to the email address above. According to articles 6 and 11 LOPD and 22.2 LSSI, Users may revoke their consent to having their personal data processed or disclosed as described in the preceding paragraphs at any time, without retroactive effects.


You can unsubscribe from our newsletter, advertising and promotions. To do so, you can click on the Unsubscribe link in any of the emails we have sent you.


You can disable cookies and tracking tools by following the instructions provided in our Cookies Policy below.


5.     Cookies Policy


What are local data storage, cookies and similar technology?


In this policy we will refer jointly to all these techniques as local data storage. Local data storage means saving different types of data on your device via your web browser. Locally stored data may refer to how you browse our websites, what browser you use, the user’s configuration, etc.


Cookies are a local data storage method. Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on the user’s computer, mobile phone, tablet or other online access device, allowing us to recognize their web browser. They also serve to obtain information about their browsing and can be used to recognize users. They all fulfil the same function, to provide information about the user’s browsing, and may be used to determine which adverts should be displayed in your web browser.


Users should bear in mind that some cookies are necessary for certain functionalities of the Portal to operate properly. If you decide to block certain cookies, this may totally or partially affect the ordinary functioning of the website.


Why do we use local data storage?


The Portal uses local data storage, as in the case of cookies, for the following purposes:


To customize services in your browser (e.g., to remember the country you are connecting from, your language, internet connection speed, etc.)


To improve our services and the user experience (e.g., how often the website has been visited, the traffic to the different pages, etc.)


To display advertising (e.g., how often a user has seen an advert).


What types of cookies do we use?


Cookies on the Portal change frequently. We currently use session cookies and persistent cookies, which may in turn be first- or third-party cookies.


Session cookies are designed to gather and store data while users access the website. They are typically used to store information that it is of interest to retain to provide the service requested by the user in one single session.


Persistent cookies are a type of cookie where the data remains stored on the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a period defined by the cookie controller itself, which may range from several minutes to several years.


First-party cookies are those sent to the user’s terminal, created or managed by the controller of the Portal. The Portal uses persistent first-party cookies (customization cookies) for users to access the service with certain general predefined characteristics on their terminal, or others that users themselves can define. In this case, the purpose is to allow and store the user’s browsing language.


Third-party cookies are those administrated by analytical service providers other than Ufinet. Examples of technologies that we use:


Doubleclick (advertising cookies): They manage the advertising spaces that users see when they access the website. These cookies, which may vary depending on the campaign in force, serve to measure the effectiveness of online campaigns.


Google Analytics (analytical cookies): They serve to monitor and analyze the behavior of users on websites. The information gathered is used to measure activity on the Portal and to generate user browsing profiles, to make improvements to the service.


Quartalflife (technical social cookies): Used for the monitoring and analysis of external social media networks. Their function is to monitor user interaction.


How can I manage local data storage?


We recommend that you consult your browser’s Help section for information about the different options as to how to administer cookies. There are also special programs that have been created specifically to manage cookies.

Users can revoke their consent for the use of cookies in their browser by following the above instructions or by installing an opt-out rejection system. Bear in mind that you need to follow the same procedure in every device you use, and for every web browser.


Updates and changes to the Cookies Policy.


Our Portal ( may modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with new legislative or regulatory demands or in order to adapt the policy to any instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (the “AEPD”).


If significant changes occur in the Cookies Policy, you will be informed in accordance with the legally established terms. An information notice will also be posted on the website.


Contact information.


If you would like further information about the use of cookies, you may send an email to


6.     Retention period of the information provided


The information provided to offer our services, give you support, contact you and to address requests for quotations will be retained for the time that is essential to provide the requested services, a period which may be extended to comply with legal and official obligations.


The information provided for to you to take part in recruitment processes will only be retained for as long as the recruitment process lasts, following which information on candidates who have not been selected will be erased.


7.     We hereby inform you that we may share your information with:


Service providers: We may share information with companies that provide Ufinet with services (advertising providers, software providers and others). All our service providers have signed a data processor agreement and have a duty of confidentiality and obligation to maintain secrecy about any information that they might be provided with to allow them to provide Ufinet with the required services.


Other companies of the Ufinet Group: Any person who is a citizen of the European Union, or is a resident in the European Union, and wishes to take part in the recruitment processes of the Ufinet Group outside the European Economic Area (EEA) (or in those forms where the option of a country located outside the EEA is selected) must be aware when they complete our forms that said information will be transferred to the countries in question. If you wish to avoid international transfers, you simply need to indicate this on the form corresponding to your country of residence.


Official and Court authorities: We may, only if the law so demands, give your information to Official and Court Authorities because of any legal dispute or investigation, to protect and guarantee our rights.


Business successor: Where legally permitted, we may hand over information to Ufinet’s successor for the provision of services to continue.


8.     Accuracy of data and responsible use


Users undertake and accept the obligation to guarantee to Ufinet that the information provided is true, accurate, up-to-date, and belongs to them and not to third parties.


If you include information about third parties, you must, before you submit it, request authorization and inform them of this Privacy Policy.

At Ufinet we reserve the right to verify the accuracy of the data provided, and may request documented accreditation thereof, and where applicable erase the data.


9.     Security measures:


The security measures adopted at Ufinet are those required by law for each type of processing. However, the internet is not fully secure, and Ufinet therefore cannot guarantee that the use of these pages is entirely secure. You should therefore adopt standard precautions when browsing the Internet (protection of passwords, use of antivirus programs, etc.)


We undertake to act swiftly in the event of any problem that could jeopardize the security of the information provided, and to inform you, where applicable, if this is significant.


10. Our Portal is not designed for Users under legal age


Our services are intended for companies and their representatives If you are the mother / father / legal guardian of a legal minor and believe that they have provided us with their data, please contact us at the email address, specifying in the subject line Deregistration of a legal minor.


11. We may transfer your information to third countries


The data provided to send the newsletter will be stored on the servers of MailChimp, of the company The Rocket Science Group LLC, MailChimp, a State of Georgia limited liability company. Said company is in the USA. An agreement was recently signed by the EU and the USA by the name of Privacy Shield, and all companies covered by this agreement provide appropriate protection, and as a result international data transfers are permitted. MailChimp is covered by Privacy Shield, and so complies with the security measures imposed by European legislation. You are therefore aware, and accept, that your personal data will be stored by MailChimp for you to subscribe to and be sent electronic newsletters. If you would like further information, you may consult the MailChimp Privacy Policy on its official website.


We transfer information about people wishing to take part in our recruitment processes in those countries where Ufinet provides services outside the European Economic Area (EEA), or those who complete forms indicating countries that are located outside the EEA. Since some of these countries do not have the same levels of alignment in their Personal Data Protection regulations, we have adopted the necessary technical and contractual measures to offer a similar level of protection to that which exists in the country of origin.


12. Our website may connect to third-party links or websites


Our website may include links or plug-ins that redirect to the websites of third parties (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others). This Privacy Policy does not cover the websites of said third parties. You will need to read the terms of use of said sites.


13. Contact us: How can you exercise your rights as a User?


For any queries about our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If the processing is based on your consent, you will be entitled to revoke this at any time, without this affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent prior to the withdrawal thereof.


If you would like a copy of the information we have about you, or otherwise wish to rectify, erase (cancel), object or restrict processing (in other words, if you would like to exercise your right of access, rectification, erasure, objection, restriction of processing and portability), please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address, enclosing a copy of your ID card with your request.


We also wish to inform you that you may contact the Competent Authority in the event of any grievance.


14. Updates to this Privacy Policy


Our Portal may modify this Privacy Policy in accordance with new legislative or regulatory demands, or to adapt the policy to any instructions issued by the competent authorities.


Whenever significant changes occur, Users will be informed in accordance with the requirements imposed by law, and by means of an information notice on the website.


15. Identity of the data controller


Ufinet Latam S.L.U.

Conde Aranda 5, 4D

28001 Madrid

CIF: B87641759

Registered in the Companies Register of Madrid, Volume 34728, Sheet 205, Page M-624629.


16. Identification Details of our Data Protection Representative


Where the obligation exists to designate a Data Protection Representative in accordance with the national regulations in development of the GDPR, we will update this Privacy Policy.


17. Special Privacy Policy for Colombia


Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications


Ufinet participates in the campaign of the Republic of Colombia for the Protection of Minors. Pursuant to the terms of Law 679 of 2001, Decree 1524 of 2002, Decree 67 of 2003 and Law 1336 of 2009, all persons must prevent, block, combat and report the exploitation, housing, use, publication and / or dissemination of images, texts, documents and audiovisual files and the illegal use of global information networks or the establishment of telematic links in any way related to pornographic material or sexual acts involving minors.


The failure to do so could result in criminal charges.


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