Within the past 5 years, the industry for fiber-optic cable manufacturing has seen an increased growth of 11.8%. What does this mean for your business? Advanced networking is a viable option that offers a continuum of connectivity meant to improve telecom operating models that are inefficient, or out of date.

The ability to improve telecom operations is available. When you consider that light travels extremely fast, about 186,000 miles per second, it is easy to see that fiber optic connections are not bound by what is known as hard-capped speed limits that are found within other technologies such as DSL and cable. Using fiber optics makes it simple to successfully transformation businesses with better data connectivity and capacity.

Telecom integrators like you need the ability to further transform digital operations that focus on increased data connectivity and capacity. Connectivity advances include fiber optic services from a telecommunications company that offers next-generation technology including dark fiber cable and secure capacity connectivity that support high-performance and reliable functionality.

Advanced Connectivity Operates Future Enterprise Networks

Telecom companies across many geographies and sectors require advanced connectivity in order to meet the demands of customers. Robust enterprise networks give you the opportunity to expand your business well into the future. While there are many high-profile technologies vying for recognition within your telecommunications business model, networking with top data connectivity and capacity is most critical.

Are Your Connectivity Building Blocks in Place?

Go ahead, raise the bar when it comes to your advanced connectivity. The right data connectivity and capacity provides the building blocks needed to configure networks that fit many different types of availability and performance requirements. Do you have an advanced networking strategy in place that fully integrates superior data connectivity and capacity withing your digital transformation agenda? Working with top telecommunications companies will ensure that you get the forward-thinking solutions that propel your business forward, fully integrated with networking solutions that simply build your business better and make it stronger.

The Role of Fiber Optics in Capacity

Transporting circuits via fiber optics requires high bandwidth connectivity from a wholesale operator that can offer amenities that are both safe and easy to use. You want an end-to-end optical fiber connection, or connections, that provide the ability to utilize access and backbone network services, international and national connections, local loop and backhaul. Of course, those services need to be scalable so they grow with your business and offer flexibility, the greatest agility, and adaptability.

Coverage Always Matters

You want wide coverage and there is no better way to ensure you get it than by using telecommunications services that offer the use of a VSAT satellite network. This will provide you with coverage through a multitude of satellites affording you much better exposure along with better reliability. Telecom integrators like yourself necessitate the ability to connect within remote areas, and there is no better way to connect than with the use of VSAT satellite services.

Full Connectivity Starts with VSAT Satellite Services

How can your business be assured full connectivity? By using a connectivity access network and VSAT satellite services with vast coverage through their own satellites along with trustworthy roaming agreements via third parties. This ensures the best possible coverage when it comes to satellite communication results with bi-directional remote access to sites that are rural. You will be utilizing connections with minimal latency and high availability while still being able to endure critical services with traffic requirements and low latency.

Customized Solutions Are Designed to Fit Your Needs

Customized solutions are created by telecommunication specialists to specifically fit your design, optimization, prioritization and configuration requirements. All applications and services will be based on the use of data traffic and protocols as well as voice and video services. Ultimately, top telecommunications companies are ready to serve you with national and international connections that fully meet your connectivity needs in a secure and flexible manner that is also monitored 24/7. Put a vast optical fiber network of over 61,000km hard to work for you. You won’t be disappointed.

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